Consulting Service for Plastic Recycling Machine
Owing to the long-term business relationship with our suppliers, we had the opportunity to give advices on purchasing plastic recycling machine.
Since then, we have been utilizing our knowledge and experience from the plastic industry to provide professional and comprehensive consulting service. We believe that when our suppliers choose the right machine, we will also be benefit from getting high-quality products. This is a win-win situation!
Baling Machine
Single Shaft Shredder
Twin Shaft Shredder
Crusher Machine
Vertical Mixer Machine
Flake Spin Dryer
Film Squeezer and Granulator
Two Stage Strand Pelletizer
Shredding Drum& Die Face Cutting Pelletizer
Granulator-Continuous Screen Changer
Granulator-Automatic Screen Changer
Granulator-Continuous Curved Screen Changer
Granulator-Manual Screen Changer
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