New Year's impression
Keiichi Iwata, Chairman of Japan Plastic Industry Federation
New Year's impression

We would like to express our sincere congratulations on the New Year.
Last year, the outbreak of the new coronavirus drastically changed lifestyles, people's traffic, etc., and the world economy faced a crisis that surpassed the Lehman shock.
After the summer, the recovery was headed mainly in China, but the momentum of infectious diseases has not slowed down all over the world, and there are growing concerns about curbing economic activity. We would like to express our deepest respect to all those who continue to make efforts in medical treatment and prevention of infection spread.
Under such circumstances, there have been many movements in the business world to turn this difficulty into an opportunity. With the rapid progress of digital technology, we have begun to take root in new work styles as well as proposing products and services that match the "new normal." In addition, plastic products are often used to prevent infection in various situations, and I think that the convenience and usefulness of plastics has been once again recognized by society. However, last year, an image survey conducted by the Federation for the first time in four years showed that the image of plastics has deteriorated against the background of serious problems such as marine plastics and global warming. .. Unfortunately, we take this fact firmly and will continue to strive to properly convey to consumers the important role of plastics, our contribution to society, and our efforts and ideas as an industry.
Since the "Plastic Resource Recycling Strategy" was formulated in Japan in 2019, measures have been taken to build a cooperative system for thorough utilization circulation and to change consumer awareness. While keeping an eye on these movements and discussions on the future, the Federation is currently based on its own resource recycling strategy, not only efforts to deepen the conventional 3Rs, but also the creation of new recycling routes to promote the use of recycled plastics. We also provide opinions to related ministries and agencies. Wide-ranging cooperation is indispensable for establishing resource recycling. In cooperation with raw material manufacturers, molding manufacturers, waste treatment companies, and recycling manufacturers, discussions have been held at multiple WGs, and together with the "Declaration Activities for Solving the Marine Plastics Problem" formulated in 2018, We will continue to work on this year as a priority issue.
Regarding the international standardization of plastics, which is one of the pillars of our business, last year we actively promoted the development of standards from Japan, although there were restrictions on activities due to the coronavirus. .. This year, we aim to promote the development of standards related to recycling under the initiative of Japan, in addition to the conventional business consignment. In addition, members were dispatched to the international conferences of ISO "Plastic pipes, fittings and valves for liquid transportation" (TC138, venue UAE) and "Mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties of plastics" (TC61, Sweden). However, we will continue to work to support the development of new markets for Japanese companies.
Based on these facts, the Federation is preparing a new four-year plan starting in 2021. Last year, there were major political changes, such as the inauguration of the Suga Cabinet and the victory of Biden in the US presidential election. As the policies of various policies may change, it is necessary to pay close attention to the trends related to the environment, but I think that the major trend in the world of pursuing a sustainable society remains unchanged. The Federation will continue to work toward the realization of an optimal plastic utilization society in close cooperation with each ministry and related organization, so we will continue to support and cooperate this year as well. Thank you for your consideration.
We pray for the continued prosperity and good health of all of you.