Polymer Analysis Services
Plastic Testing
We are fully equipped to test for the physical properties of plastic pellets by following ASTM and ISO standards. Our analytical lab is capable of testing the following properties.
Property Test method standard specimen Unit
Tensile Strength ISO 527 10mm*4mm*172mm MPa
Flexural Strength ISO 178 10mm*4mm*107mm MPa
Izod Impact Strength ISO 180 8mm*4mm*80mm KJ/m2
Melt Flow Index ISO 1133 about 20g pellets g/10min
Density ISO 1183 width:Under 30mm
thickness:Under 10mm
Shore Hardness ISO 868 width:Under 30mm
thickness:Under 10mm
Shore D or Shore A
Ash Content ISO 3451 10g pellets percentage(%)
Moisture Content ASTM D6980 about 10g pellets percentage(%)
Technique Data Sheet
We will provide the testing result in both ISO standard and ASTM standard as shown in the example below.
Testing Specimens
Testing pieces are used for mechanical testing. We can also provide the specimens for you to visually check the surface finish whether there’s any watermarks or impurities.
If you want to know more about the physical property test, welcome to contact us to discuss your material testing needs.
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